South Salt Lake gains several new murals, which bring art ‘to the street level’


Murals featuring imagery ranging from cranes to cats were added to Utah’s “largest collection of street art” this month during the fourth annual Mural Fest.

Artists from Utah and beyond added murals to 10 locations, most of them in South Salt Lake’s Creative Industries Zone, an area between 2100 South and 2700 South, and 300 West and State Street. People are welcome to walk through the area and see the murals whenever they like… READ MORE

More Art in the Wild at South Salt Lake’s Mural Fest

Salt Lake Magazine | Christie Porter, May 4, 2021

South Salt Lake’s blocks of plain warehouses embodied little more than unrealized potential a few years ago, but some discovered inspiration in those big, blank walls. Today, the area has found a niche as a zone for creative industries and a beautiful solution to those big, blank walls…READ MORE

Utah’s ‘largest collection of street art’ will gain 10 new murals in May

The Salt Lake Tribune | Sean P. Means, April 25, 2021

What’s billed as Utah’s “largest collection of street art” will grow in May, with the addition of 10 artworks in South Salt Lake during the fourth annual Mural Fest.

The Utah Arts Alliance — which presents Mural Fest with the South Salt Lake Arts Council — has released the list of artists, and the buildings where they will be adding their painted work through May 14. The finished works will be celebrated during a “meet & greet” on Saturday, May 15, at 6 p.m….READ MORE

Dozens of murals are making Salt Lake City ‘a free outdoor museum’

The Salt Lake Tribune | Sean P. Means, August 18, 2019

For Jann Haworth, executing her latest mural depends on how fast she can lay down paint.

Haworth and her crew spent a recent Sunday morning rolling out magenta paint on asphalt, then adding a layer of tiny glass beads — “This is more like ground glass; it’s really terrifying,” she said — then pressing another roller over it to make sure the beads embed themselves in the paint.

All this had to be done within two minutes, she added, before the paint dried in the August sun. “It’s a trailblazing experience,” said Haworth, who plans to continue work on the mural this weekend….READ MORE