South Salt Lake’s Creative Industries Zone is home to the largest collection of street art in Utah. Dozens of artists from Utah and across the country have left their mark on the funky and post-industrial buildings in the area. Inside these buildings, you’ll find local innovators, artists, makers and those who celebrate their unique neighborhood.

Each year, this open-air gallery grows as new artists are selected to bring unique creations to the area. 

Mural Fest 2023 is in the books! Thank you to all the artists who participated, property owners who gave us their walls, and folks who came out to celebrate! Find out who painted where HERE.

Come discover. Be surprised. Experience Mural Fest.


Artists from all over Utah and from across the country have brought an exciting vibe to the streets and alleyways of South Salt Lake’s Creative Zone.

2023 Mural Artists:  Anna Charney, Brooke Smart, Caro Nilsson, Charity Hamidullah, Cole Eisenhour, Denise Duong, fatspatrol, FEEBEE, Kiptoe, Lizzie Wenger

2022 Mural Artists: Atentamente, Gerry Swanson, Lindsay Huss, Rafael Blanco, Rather Severe, Rian Kasner, Smock & Roll, TakerOne, Thomas Turner, Wes Abarca

2021 Mural Artists: Bill Louis, Brooklyn Ottens & Matt Monsoon, Emily Ding, George Baker, Hayley Barry, Himed & HOKZYN, Joseph Toney, Miles Toland, Roots Art Kollective, Traci O’Very Covey

2020 Mural Artists: Alex Johnstone, Chris Peterson, Evan Jed Memmott & Isaac Hastings, Traci O’Very Covey, Veronica Zak, Michael Kirby (Community Mural Artist)

2019 Mural Artists: Ann Chen, ARCY, Billy Hensler, Chuck Landvatter, Dan Toro, Evan Jed M`emmott, Josh Scheuerman, Matt Monsoon, Traci O’Very Covey, Trent Call

2018 Mural Artists: Bill Hensler, Brandon Brumfield, Chuck Landvatter, Daniel Overstreet, Elaina Court, Elisabeth Bunker, Jann Hanworth, Jorge Arellano, Josh Scheuerman, Justin Johnson, Roger Whiting, Veronica Zak.

Mural Fest 2024 Call for Artists NOW OPEN!
Mural Fest 2024 Call for Artists NOW OPEN!

The Mural Fest 2024 Call for Artists is now open!

The Mural Fest 2024 Artist Application period is open from December 1, 2023 and closing on January 12, 2024 at 5:00 PM (MST).

Find out more and APPLY HERE!

Mural Fest 2024 will be held April 26, 2024 through May 4, 2024, with the culminating Artist Meet & Greet on May 4, 2024.


2023 Mural Fest Artists

Mural Fest 2023 Lineup

Mural Fest Map

Mural Fest Voted Best Street Art!!

Thank you to City Weekly Magazine for naming Mural Fest the Best Street Art!

Check it out and read more about all the other winners in our great state!  City Weekly’s Best of Utah 2021!

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